Hearts Promise

 At the HEARTS Academy Trust, we place high importance on academic progress and attainment. However, a full primary education is made up of a variety of life enhancing experiences.  It is our aim to make the first seven years of your child’s education inspiring and memorable, equipping them for their future.


With this in mind, we are excited to launch the HEARTS’ Promise. After consultation with all six schools in the Trust, we have developed a programme of activities in which every pupil will have the chance to participate. Often these experiences will be linked to the curriculum topic or the time of year, but on occasions, they are simply life experiences which can be rich and fulfilling. Within each key stage the programme includes simple, free activities such as kite flying, pancake tossing, den building and vegetable growing.


This will be further supplemented with visitors and trips to theatres, theme parks and places of cultural interest. To reflect the significance of this undertaking, the Trust has allocated a substantial budget to complete the programme, which will be further supplemented with fund raising and voluntary parental contributions where appropriate.


A photographic record will be kept and presented to each child when they leave their school and the HEARTS’  family of schools.


We are encouraged that our HEARTS’ Promise initiative is already being considered by the Secretary for Education for dissemination nationally. We are proud to be at the forefront of developing children’s education.


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