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Hearts offers a career path for outstanding teachers into leadership.  Aspiring leaders are nominated to join our training programmes, in collaboration with Impetus Education.


Since a young age I have always wanted to be a teacher because I believe by being a teacher you can inspire and shape the mind of the future generations. Working for the Hearts Academy Trust has given me ample opportunities to develop the child as a whole; allowing me to stretch individuals both personally and academically.


Working for Hearts has started my career in the best possible way. It has taught me that children are all individual with their own unique qualities which deserve to be nurtured in a fun and stimulating environment. I have learnt the importance of working together and am lucky enough to say I work with a team of dedicated and positive people who are all aiming for the same end goal.


Our values at Hearts are paramount to what we do every day. We are continuously thinking about how our values are demonstrated in the classroom and one of my favourite memories of school life is giving 5 year olds the opportunity to sit down and talk to the residents of the local elderly home- happiness was clear for all to see.


All members of the school community work tirelessly to ensure our pupils get the very best start in life. Working for Hearts requires dedication yet the rewards are worth it. If you want to work somewhere where you develop the child as a whole then I would definitely recommend applying for the Hearts Academy.  It is an incredibly fulfilling place to work as every day you see the smile you can give a child by teaching them something new.






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